We combine the power of consulting, marketing and technology to rapidly scale premium brands.

The new era of premium brands are much different than the old hierarchy. Rather than force the new school to bend to old standards, we help modern brands grow on their terms.
Jahmorly Reynolds, founder @anomaly_vc

What We Do

The Anomaly Edge

The premium industry is vastly different than most. The level of content production, long sales-cycles, extreme creative demand, research and superior customer experiences require investors and consulting partners that deeply understand the grueling demands of the industry.

Our specialization in premium has resulted in the development of a robust 100-Step Best-Practice Framework and network of resources that you can rely on to impress your clients while improving your marketing, sales, support and global expansion plans.

  • eCommerce

  • Hospitality

  • Media

  • Real Estate

Managed Growth

As your brand grows quickly so does the problems that you need solutions for. With our network of consultants, suppliers, and international partners we help you overcome the challenges of growth, as well as, formulate the strategies necessary to set a clear path to continued success.


// Our Expertise
  • Data & Analytics
  • Management Consulting
  • Acquisitions Readiness
  • Sales training
  • Concierge solutions
  • Automation
  • Real estate
  • Fulfilment
  • Franchising
// Access to the Capital & Financing for Growth


Our investment partners and syndicate invests in seed-stage startups, as well as, provide access to tools specially created to help our startups become leaders in their industry.


Gain access to the financing needed to overcome cashflow shortfalls to fund your growth without the hassle of traditional options.

M&A Readiness


// Preparing and Advising You Through the Process

We provide advisory services to companies needing help throughout the merger or leveraged buy-out process. Our team of consultants, accountants and regulation specialists will help you prep for the process by aligning your accounting, operations and management to maximize the outcome of the deal.

// M&A Services
  • Pre-Deal Prep
  • Management Consulting
  • Capacity Development
  • Transaction & Capital Advisory
  • Leadership Integration
  • Financing