LaunchPad Venture Studios

Helping Multicultural Teams Build Industry Leading Brands.

In partnership with our creative & strategy agency network - Cultural Relevance, we help entrepreneurs build their brands from the ideas to products with millions of global customers.

We help with everything from business models, branding, marketing and lead investing to take your companies to new heights.

Our culture is our strength - to us you are more than just a diversity token or ESG PR stunt.

More Than Just Money...
A Loving Army of Support.

While traditional investment firm invest money and only checks-in every few months demanding performance from startups, at Anomaly, we are CULTURE FIRST. We work DAILY with our founders and their teams to ensure you have the team, connections and motivation to keep crushing your goals.

Anomaly provides all our founders access to our global agency network - Cultural Relevance. We dramatically increase your opportunity of success by having global experts in marketing, strategy and innovation to help you cut costs, while delivering great customer experiences and ROI.

In partnership
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How it Works

  • Submit ApplicationUse the form below to submit your startup for review.
  • After AcceptanceIf accepted, we will host a conference call to start the legal, market research and IP due diligence of your company.
  • Growth PlanningAfter due diligence a growth plan will be implemented and our resources will be open to your company.

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