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The brave take lessons taught by the elders with them on the journey to new lands - at Anomaly we study what worked and apply it to new technology and consumer trends to hedge risk and increase rewards.


- Jahmorly Reynolds
Founder & Managing Partner of Anomaly VC

The Anomaly Thesis.

Multicultural consumers are the new majority. Their consumption habits will change the market leaders and opens the door for investors of the new winners.

The multicultural consumer choose brands that deliver products that are Culture Native.

Anomaly's mission is to fuel the new era of upcoming leaders by creating a vertically integrated investment model that provides resources to our portfolio companies for a competitive advantage.

Crypto Hedge Fund

Investment Thesis:

We believe that crypto currencies are redefining the world of transactions, accounting, and supply-chain logistics. The rocky road to stability has resulted in natural ups and downs, however with over a decade of overcoming the odds and proving that crypto has use cases beyond just meme-coins - it is safe to say that crypto is here to stay. Our crypto hedge fund allows investors to "follow-along" and invest in our buckets of stable-coins and projects with solid use cases for the technology.