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Diversity & Inclusion

Attract great talent with innovative ideas that put your organization ahead the crowd


The war for diverse talent and mind-share of the rising multicultural consumer is driving companies that lack diversity to quickly adopt or find themselves behind the competition and with products not relevant to modern customers.


Cultural movements such as Me Too, BLM, Women’s March, and others are voting with their wallets and reshaping the landscape of winners and losers which applies pressure to business leaders to not just create products, but also address the concerns of customers.


Anomaly consults with governments and business leaders to analyze diversity issues, product creation, and improved talent recruitment for a culturally diverse solutions that results in innovation, a deep understanding of customer sentiments, and delivering higher profits.

What We Do

Talent Recruitment

Anomaly maintains a database of the top multicultural talent ready to add value with progressive and forward thinking.

Managed Diversity Funds

Invest into early stage companies with exiting multicultural teams and technology poised for rapid growth and long-term adoption by their diverse customers.

Leadership & Culture Alignment

We partner with executive and founding teams to address diversity challenges and craft an inclusive company narrative through training and events that lead to renewed thinking and sustainable success.

Diversity & Inclusion Research & Insights

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We work with ambitious leaders who want to define the future, not hide from it. Together, we achieve extraordinary outcomes.

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