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About Anomaly VC

The multicultural market is severely under-invested, yet they are the fastest growing population.

To fill this gap, Anomaly VC provides an eco-system of resources that helps grow multicultural companies into industry leaders.

Our Story

Founded by Jahmorly Reynolds in New York, Anomaly VC was created for unlocking the vast economic potential of the severely under-served and under-invested multicultural market. Anomaly is a pioneer of multicultural investing combining a robust set of resources, such as; networking events, software platforms, marketplaces, venture capital and management advisory that synergistically accelerates the growth of multicultural founders.

Our Ecosystem

Software Services

Access in-house software tools built for rapid brand growth now open to the public.


From marketing to PR, our network of agencies help solve your business problems.


Sell directly to premium multicultural customers on a network of marketplaces.


Be engaged and educated on the growth of multicultural market with our events.

Work at Anomaly

Creative? Innovative? A Little Nerdy?

Then join our family of smart, ambitious and somewhat stylish crew of passionate professionals creating the platforms and support leading multicultural companies need for growth.